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Welcome to 2023. Or Not.

Accepted business etiquette declares that it’s tacky to wish anyone a happy New Year after January 5th. People don’t like to be reminded that they have been plunged into a year which has now already firmly taken hold.

This is very likely even more true in South Africa, where 2022 ended on a sour note of loadshedding with even more pain and stress promised for 2023.

Effect of Loadshedding

The effect that loadshedding is having on our poultry industry is devastating. Large and small producers alike are suffering huge losses, both in terms of production and processing. The knock-on effect was felt first in our fast-food industry, which relies heavily on very specific poultry requirements.

But it is only a matter of time before the chicken on the supermarket shelf will be reflecting the effects of shortages as well. Already egg producers have warned that the new Eskom tariffs along with the unreliable energy supply will cause egg prices to rise sharply.

From the perspective of increasing prices and food shortages, 2023 is looking bleak even before the new year’s wishes have died away.

Unpacking to Inform You

Here at ChickenFacts we will be unpacking all the different factors that make your chicken cost more.  We are planning podcasts, fact sheets, info-graphics and editorials that will inform you exactly what is going on and what is being done about it.

An informed consumer is an empowered consumer – and this is likely to be the only unrestricted power you will get this year!

So welcome to ChickenFacts 2023, where we sift through the chickenfeed to get to the facts.

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