Poultry Analysis 5 December 2023

So… will they or won’t they?  That is the question.

Will prices rise steeply, or will they rise slowly?

Every December we present media predictions about rising prices ahead of year-end, that will place a further burden on consumers who wish to bring a bit of cheer to the festive table.  This year is no different, although the news is a little more strident with fall-out from the Russia/Ukraine war, the crisis in the Middle East, climate change and our home-grown problems of avian flu and loadshedding.

National News

Importers are predicting a sharp rise in poultry prices in future, while poultry producers maintain that shortages and price increases are under control.  The Mail and Guardian believes that the current food inflation is a blip, not a trend, but Engineering News calls it an acceleration.

Consumer News

A story that reinforces an opinion expressed in our Food Security podcast in August, where a group of NSFAS students said they would buy tinned fish when chicken became too expensive:  Lucky Star sees its tinned fish overtaking frozen chicken as South Africa’s preferred protein

Industry News

Whether it is short-term or long-term, the fall-out from loadshedding and avian flu is cutting a swathe through poultry producers as Quantum becomes the second company to post record losses.

Support Industry News

Both poultry producers and importers are still in the dark about what government is doing to support local producers and alleviate any potential shortages.  Imports are not only impacted by tariffs, but also by closed markets.

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