Poultry Analysis – 9 July 2024

There does not seem to be any relief on the cost-of-living front, even though the long-term news is better. 

Consumer News

The price of chicken keeps rising, with a huge price surge in the first quarter of this year.  

As a result of the soaring price, consumers are changing their spending patterns.

Chicken livers are becoming a popular replacement for regular chicken cuts. 

Industry News

The SENS announcement for newly-minted Rainbow Chickens sets out the company’s shareholders. 

Agricultural News

With a new-broom minister of Agriculture, there is no lack of advice.

However, favourable climate conditions look set to give the new minister an easier introduction to agriculture, as the conditions of drought appear to be easing.

Imports/Exports News

And globally, the poultry market is on course for a spectacular rebound from COVID disruptions and Avian Flu losses.



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