Poultry Analysis 9 April 2024


The ever-helpful XA Trade Advisory has published a list of goods that will have tariff adjustments under the new African Continent Free Trade Area agreement.

Consumer News

While egg and chicken prices are still high, they are expected to come down gradually in the next few months.

Industry News

It’s sunny on the Stock Exchange… despite Quantum Foods bewailing their fate over Avian Flu and loadshedding, their company stock price has doubled due to competition for control of their lucrative holdings. 

Small and Emerging Farmers News

Grassroots entrepreneurs share their insights to other aspirant poultry farmers.

And Finally…

The perils of AI……  

News curation website Competition Policy International (CPI) this week ran two puzzling stories regarding the Competition Commission’s market inquiry into the South Africa.  Both were datelined July 2013, and both featured industry reaction to the current inquiry.  

However, a look at the stories, and a few minutes of research, discovered that the news curation website uses AI to search for, and edit, its stories.  

In both cases, AI had taken these two stories from two different sources (Bloomberg and AllAfrica.com), conflated them with the current inquiry, and then edited them down to a puzzling mish-mash of truth and untruth. 

All in all, a reassuring sign that AI, even at its best, can still not entirely replace a human being. 


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