Poultry Analysis – 6 May 2024

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Three years ago, food inflation spiked due to COVID.  Two years ago, food inflation spiked due to the Ukraine war.  Last year, it was loadshedding.  

2024 seems to have turned a slight corner and food inflation has slowed. While this is not cause yet for rejoicing, it is still a glimmer of hope for the consumer.  

Avian Flu

It’s here to stay, and it is another ongoing existential threat, globally, to our poultry industry.  Even though cases have died down, the experience in the US, Europe and Asia have shown that Avian Flu is now a regular feature of the landscape.  South African farmers will have to stay aware of this.  


Here is a more local view  from our South African perspective. 


The focus and the conversation should now shift to vaccines, and what our SA government should be doing to develop and distribute effective counter-measures among vulnerable small farmers.

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