Poultry Analysis – 3 July 2024

Four main items of news this week:

  1. Chicken prices surge
  2. The future of Rainbow Chickens
  3. Reaction to a court judgement re-opening the issue of cullling compensation
  4. And… science answers the oldest question in the world.  


Consumer News

Poultry prices have surged in the last few months due to drought raising the cost of chicken feed.  Once again, a motivation for entrepreneurs to investigate alternatives. 


Industry News

Rainbow Chickens listed on the JSE this month, and several articles discussed its new production strategy, and investor confidence in the new entity.


Legal News

A precedent-setting court ruling could have major implications for the poultry industry, but it could also turn out to be a hollow victory.


And Finally…

What came first, the chicken or the egg?  Actually, as the scientists explain, the answer is very simple.


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