Poultry Analysis

Poultry Analysis 27 November 2023

The news in South Africa at the moment veers from bad to even worse, especially in terms of food security and food inflation.

National News

The current heat wave, combined with loadshedding, is leading for more calls for the poultry industry to be more pro-active in  working together with other role-players.  In a letter to the editor of BusinessLive, Paul Matthew, CEO of the Association of Meat Importers and Exporters, calls for greater co-operation.  This echoes a call by Hume International’s Fred Hume a few weeks ago, after he criticised the government response to the egg shortage.

Consumer News

Generally life is getting more expensive.  Climate change, loadshedding, infrastructural collapse, government corruption – the outcome of all of these is a run-away cost of living.  The result is panic-buying, according to this Business Tech story.

Avian Flu Barometer

Even with only a few more cases of Avian Influenza reported, the price of eggs is still likely to rise, says The Citizen.


Tragically, a Zimbabwean farmer’s attempt to smuggle chicks into the country from South Africa, in the teeth of an import ban due to Avian Flu, resulted in a horrible death for thousands of chicks.

Industry News

The DA has called upon government to assist beleaguered poultry producers with vaccines.