Poultry Analysis – 25 June 2024

Our poultry analysis this week is a wide range of news.  

A few take-aways:

  1. Avian Flu is here to stay and will be making the news regularly as countries around the world grapple with the panzootic (an animal pandemic). 
  2. Costs of production are hampering small and emerging farmers, but there are entrepreneurs coming up with solutions.
  3. Africa is poised for trade, but producers are not taking advantage of the opportunities.


Avian Flu News

Just keeping an eye on AI around the world… most countries are aggressively managing the disease.  
Vaccines have been developed but are slow on rolling out due to cost and availability factors.


Industry News

A new sheriff in town… Rainbow Chickens has listed as a separate entity but has simply taken over the mantle of the country’s second-largest poultry producer that used to be occupied by its previous parent company RCL.  


Support Industry News – Chicken Feed

One of the biggest costs to producers is feed.  So the fact that soybean production (one of the mainstays of chicken feed) is increasing, is very good news.  

And a rather scientific paper about using brown seaweed as chicken feed. 

We are planning a podcast of alternative chicken feeds for poultry producers, so watch this space.


Import/Export News 

Africa is waking up to the realisation that there is huge potential for intra-African trade, which means that the creation of the AfCFTA is timely. 

Our Insider this week also has a stern message for importers and exporters.

This rather misleading article focusses on import numbers, and creates the impression that the increased imports are as a result of tariff rebates.  

In truth, the types of imports that are increasing, are the two types of chicken that do not carry tariffs.  Both MDM and offal are free of import duties, so it is disingenuous to link the increase to the tariff rebate. 


International News 

This story could be written for South Africa – in our country there is also a concern that local producers use import tariffs to load their own prices and make bigger profits.


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