Poultry Analysis – 24 April 2024

Two topics dominate the news this week.  Both of them are important enough for a Closer Look.

The first topic is the continuation of anti-dumping duties on imports from the US.  Most poultry imports from the USA take place under the AGOA rebate and very little poultry is imported outside AGOA.  So it is unlikely that this move will have any significant impact on the volumes of imported chicken from the US.  Read our Closer Look here

The second topic is the current temporary rebate on import tariffs.  The news reports have been shrill, with warnings of a ‘war’ ‘collapse’ and ‘ruin’.  Interestingly, all of these warnings come from the same place – and the statistics show no trace of ‘ruin’ or ‘collapse’. Because of the prevalence of this story over the last few weeks, we decided to investigate the claims.  Read our Fact Check here

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