Poultry Analysis

Poultry Analysis 23 January 2024

Another day, another alarming headline about poultry imports. 


This FreightNews article repeats misleading  information issued by Fairplay, the organisation affiliated with the South African Poultry Association.

Fairplay and SAPA constantly  misrepresent statistics in order to reinforce the perception that poultry imports need to be restricted or punitively taxed. 

During this week, ChickenFacts will publish a Fact Sheet with the actual statistics so that responsible reporters can check the facts for themselves.

Consumer News

South Africans earning a minimum wage spend 34,5% of their income on basic foods, according to the international Minimum Wage report.  UK citizens enjoy the best ratio, spending only 7.2% of their minimum wage on food, while the Nigerian minimum wage does not even cover the most basic foods at 116.5%.

Industry News

In South Africa they are regarded as poor man’s food, but in Asia they are a delicacy.  A Western Cape company has just struck a lucrative deal to export chicken feet to China – a deal worth R300 million that will create 3 000 jobs.  

Perhaps it is time that South Africans appreciate what we have, so to help it along here is an easy recipe.  To make it even more palatable, one of the ingredients is a can of beer!  

Support Industry News

Daybreak Farms has appointed Richard Manzini as its new CEO

and Finally

Gardeners always insist one should talk to one’s plants, but perhaps one should also talk to the chickens