Poultry Analysis

Poultry Analysis 19 December 2023

Our Christmas chicken roast is assured, say poultry producers, while the price of eggs is set to come down and – with the predicted drop in petrol prices – South Africa looks set for a merry festive season.  But nothing is ever all good, so there are some dark clouds ahead.

National News

Poultry producers assure customers that there will be chicken on the shelves – but at what price?   Shortages always lead to price increases, say poultry importers.

Consumer News

Prices are actually going up everywhere, says StatsSA.  See their report here,  But… one man’s meat is another man’s poison – the turmoil in South Africa’s poultry industry is good news for pilchard processors.

Industry News

Young people are urged to consider farming as a career opportunity, says the Agricultural Research Centre (ARC), with poultry being especially suited to small spaces.

Support Industry News

 Despite the good news for consumers, poultry role-players are still in the dark around the differences between what government has promised as mitigation against the Avian Flu epidemic, and what has actually transpired.