Poultry Analysis – 18 June 2024

Consumer News

Ever wondered how predictable you are in your fast-food choices?  This survey from the Market Research Foundation will tell you if you are part of the herd, or a lone grazer.

The Big Story: Big Chicken

Rainbow is unbundling from RCL, which is a story we have been featuring for months.  However, it is only seems to have started making mainstream news now, perhaps because the share price has started taking an interest. 

Avian Flu News 

There have been a few cases in the world where Avian Flu has jumped to humans.  To monitor this worrying possibility, the South African government is keeping an eye out.

Industry News

Consumers might be interested to find out that, while they are paying more for chicken, chicken farmers are being paid less.  The question then is – who is absorbing the profit?

Small/Emerging Farmers News

A story of grit and determination helped this Zimbabwean poultry farmer.

A Closer Look – Imports
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