Poultry Analysis – 13 May 2024

Consumer News

The big news over the last week has been the revelation that tinned fish has now overtaken chicken as the cheapest protein option for consumers.This is not entirely true, as dry beans are, statistically, the cheapest source of protein available.

The Shoprite Group has issued a press release detailing cheap sources of protein, with a short explanation of each.  This is useful consumer information.

Interestingly, the producers of tinned fish have kept prices low by absorbing increases and rather sacrificing their profit margins.  This is an interesting development, in comparison with the huge profits declared by the large poultry producers.

However, chicken still remains a preferred option whenever the price comes down – it is more versatile and South Africans love the taste. This sort-of good news story from The Citizen sets out a nuanced analysis of food prices and food inflation.

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