Poultry Analysis 13 February 2024

The price of chicken remains a national concern, with debates about whether the import tariff rebate will reduce poultry prices or not.  

In most cases the rebate has been welcomed as an option for other sources of chicken.  

The poultry industry has other problems as well, including transport issues and the port meltdown. 

Import & Export News

Last month the Western Cape investment agency Wesgro announced an export deal with China.  The deal was ‘debunked’ as a hoax by the South African Poultry Association.  However, Wesgro has confirmed it is not a hoax.

Consumer News

Will import rebates bring prices down?  That is the question, as the cost of eggs and poultry remain stubbornly high.   

They are, in fact, ranked among the foods that have increased the most in price over the last year. 

Market News

The Competition Commission is investigating South Africa’s poultry market value chain to see what factors are leading up to price increases.

Industry News

 Despite the bird flu crisis that hit the industry last year, at least one company has been able to recover.

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