Poultry Analysis

Poultry Analysis 12 December 2023

The looming year-end is becoming apparent also in a reduction in poultry news, as producers wind down and take stock.

National News

Poultry World presents an excellent summary and analysis of the current state of our local poultry industry

International News

Perhaps it is no surprise that the US produces the most poultry in the world, followed by Brazil, China, Russia and Mexico.  South Africa is ranked at No 16.  This article makes some interesting points about the 20 largest poultry producers in the world.

An object lesson for South Africa, perhaps?  Kenya is due to grow its poultry industry by 5% this year due to investment in the industry which has led to an increase in the demand for the product.

Avian Flu Barometer

South Africa’s Avian Flu woes have had a ripple effect on the entire African economy.

Industry News

While poultry producer Astral posts reduced profits, Astral CEO Theuns Eloff has harsh words for government.