October 2023

Seldom has the humble chicken been front-page news for so long. The unprecedented Avian Flu outbreak is still making headlines, along with measures to mitigate the damage to the industry and the looming possibility of steep price increases.

In our podcast we speak to Dr Shahn Bisschop, veterinary academic.

September 2023

In our newsletter today, we include a Fact Sheet on Avian Flu, an Avian Flu Barometer, a podcast interview with Fred Hume (who says that AI means that it cannot be business as usual) and our Poultry Analysis that curates the latest news

August 2023

Anti-dumping news ruffles feathers in poultry industry.

After long anticipation, the DTIC Minister, Ebrahim Patel, has announced the reinstatement of anti-dumping duties on Brazil, Spain, Ireland, Denmark, and Poland. 

The reintroduction of tariffs may result in higher poultry costs and potentially reduce demand for chicken, but the impact on the industry and consumers remains to be seen.

July 2023

Even though winter is firmly established, the poultry news is hot: 

Food prices are coming down, for the wrong reasons.  

The frozen chicken that you might have dismissed as ‘cheap and nasty’ is better value than you think.

Our podcast has some good news, 

July 2023

There are facts, and there are stats…

Our week began with the startling news that poultry imports to South Africa had increased by a whopping six times since August last year. Therefore we have written a rebuttal which we publish below.

We could not allow Fairplay’s claims to go unchallenged

June 2023

Putting all your eggs in one basket

People are going hungry, that is a fact. According to a StatsSA survey published in April this year, 11,6% of South Africans households (more than 2 million people) experience hunger.

Fake news spreads to mislead people into believing the poultry AI outbreak is a threat to human health

May 2023

Wrap-up of May

As winter tightens its grip on our country, the availability of healthy nourishing food becomes a major concern.

Poultry Analysis

Research and investigative journalist, Niki Moore gives her take on the complexities in the poultry industry

May 2023

Red bar chart with red arrow going up illustration[/caption]

AGOA, Going, Gone

Food inflation Fact Sheet

April 2023

It’s all A-GO-GOA

Trade threat as South Africa tries to ‘normalise’ ties with Russia.

Fact Sheet: Food Inflation

Poultry Anaylsis

Update 2023

Hen pecked by Eskom

April 2023

Is the sky falling down?

As our Fact Sheet shows, the price of food will simply continue to rise unless there are major policy changes and political will to make hard decisions.

Why do we have a food inflation crisis?

April 2023

What the cluck is going on?

Food Inflation Fact Sheet

Poultry Anaylsis

March 2023

  • A result of our recent reader’s poll revealed that our readers want more news and opinion. So today we introduce our new feature – a news analysis of poultry and related news.
  • Food Inflation Fact Sheet
  • Our interview with Paul Matthew, CEO of the Association of Meat Importers and Exporters (AMIE) takes our Fact Sheet information a step further


March 2023

  • Just how much salt water are you paying for?
  • With chicken, a common practice is ‘brining’ – injecting salt water into chicken before freezing to make it bigger and heavier.
  • Food Inflation Summary

February 2023

FACTSHEET – Loadshedding

Lodshedding article  –

Food inflation has hit record highs, which is very bad news for food security.  As always, the low-income strata of society get hit the hardest. 


Can poultry imports help bring prices down?  Not really, says Paul Matthew of the Association of Meat Importers and Exporters (AMIE).

February 2023

We are moving our newsletter to Fridays so there is less pressure to read it and more time to chew over the information we provide.

In our podcast, we talk to Paul Matthew, CEO of the Association of Meat Importers and Exporters (AMIE), to investigate the possibility of chicken imports plugging the gap with chicken shortage




January 2023

  • Debunking Poultry Mistruths
  • In our upcoming podcast, we talk to Paul Matthew, CEO of the Association of Meat Importers and Exporters