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New Year, New ChickenFacts.

A week is a long time in South Africa.  Last week we had prepared podcasts and a fact sheet to look at the looming food security crisis, but as each day went by the story changed and deepened, and we realised we would have to up our game in order to bring you more useful information.

Chicken is such a staple in our lives – not only from the economic agricultural  perspective but also as a staple foodstuff for so many people.

It’s the centrepiece of so many celebrations, so many end-of-month budget meals, so many last-minute get-togethers… it truly is a part of life in South Africa.

So we want ChickenFacts to become more useful to more people.

We went back to the drawing board to rethink our approach and to conduct more investigation.  And while we were rethinking our content, we decided to rethink our design as well.

So we are working on a complete overhaul of ChickenFacts, to serve not only the role players in the industry, but anyone who is interested in chicken (and that is everyone, right?)

And we are asking you to help us give us what you want.

Please vote on what you would like ChickenFacts to look like, and the type of information you would like us to include:  industry news only, or more lifestyle-type information as well?  Go to our social media links here to have a look at the options we have prepared.

We are also moving our newsletter to Fridays so there is less pressure to read it and more time to chew over the information we provide.

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