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Join AMIE Academy’s Development program

The movement of meat across borders is a complex business, which results in few companies succeeding in this field. To ensure a sustainable development strategy, the AMIE Academy will be the vehicle driving industry transformation.

AMIE wishes to assist black importers and exporters in entering the market and assist with entry into the distribution chain of all proteins.

The Academy’s purpose is to lead sustainable transformation by providing a systematic development programme with both academic and practical elements. Our goal is to prepare suitable candidates for internships, funding, or further studies to grow a more representative industry.

It is a business imperative to upskill and develop future traders and leaders, not only from a human capital perspective but also from a sustainable industry, robust economic, and food security perspective.

The AMIE Academy development program falls into 4 distinct phases with Phase 1 already in progress:

  • Phase 1: Identifying entrepreneurs (July 2023 – November 2023)

  • Phase 2: Business Boot-camp (Jan 2024 onwards)

  • Phase 3: Introduction to the Import / Export Sector

  • Phase 4: Hands-on Experience

  • Advanced Phase: Internships, Degrees, Corporate Sponsorships & Investment

As stakeholders in the meat and poultry value chain, this is your opportunity to contribute to a sustainable and robust industry

Benefits to participating members and companies:

  • Meet skills development requirements

  • Meet supplier development requirements

  • Drive differentiated demand-led strategies

  • Grow traders in your value chain

  • Support and develop local sourcing

One of the critical success factors for sustainable development is collaboration. The AMIE Academy is partnering with leaders in the fields of entrepreneurial development, trade, and investment know-how, and industry immersion in the development of a fit-for-purpose curriculum.

We are excited to announce that Tushiyah Advisory Services and Trade & Investment KwaZulu Natal are some of our strategic partners.

For enquiries: surisa@amiesa.co.za


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