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ChickenFacts Podcast Launches 2nd Season

After bringing you diverse set of episodes in season 1, we are ready to bring you Season 2 of ChickenBytes on our ChickenFacts podcast.

Are you interested in the South African poultry industry but discovered that it is a very complex industry? Or are you wondering how the rapid increase in food prices is affected by the economy, international trade, local government policies, and so on and so forth?

In 2021 ChickenFacts decided to bring you ChickenBytes, a regular podcast where we unpacked complex issues and ideas with in-depth interviews and got as wide a range of different viewpoints as possible.

Our issues ranged from the hot topics of that old favourite – dumping, we also looked at the wider view of protectionism and localisation and the effect that would have on our poultry industry  really enjoyed talking to Kobedi Pilane, the chair of the African Farmers Association AFASA, who had some salty things to say about transformation

After a diverse set of interviews, we took a step back to reflect & now we are ready to bring you Season 2 of ChickenBytes 

In Season 2 we are really going to get to grips with some issues. There is a different mood in the country, people are becoming impatient with promises, and they are taking their future into their own hands. Loadshedding, water shortages, civil unrest, poor service delivery… these things might sound really important, but what is even more important is how they affect food security.

Niki Moore returns as the host to discuss the wider impact of South Africa’s favourite and most affordable protein. So stay tuned for Bytes size facts. Bytes size information & Bytes size conversations.

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