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AMIE Announces Industry Transformation Academy

A new statuatoy levy will empower AMIE to further our vision of commitment to exceeding members’ expectations by providing strategic solutions and innovative thinking, resulting in the sustainable growth of the meat and poultry import and export sector.

In February 2023, the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform, and Rural Development (DALRRD) and NAMC (National Agricultural Marketing Council) passed the statutory levy for Beef, Pork, Lamb, and Poultry, including Mechanically Deboned Meat (MDM) imported into South Africa.

Strong Membership

This levy will also be instrumental in achieving our mission of being a thought leader with a strong membership, offering services that are of significant value-adding to the meat/poultry import and export industry of Southern Africa.

The following activities have been identified in the application as activities that will further the objectives of the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act, 47 of 1996:

  1. Transformation of the Industry

  2. Development and retention of markets including the export and promotion of SA Beef, Pork, Lamb, and Poultry

  3. Research and Development

  4. Quality Control and Consumer Assurance

  5. Administration and Operations

Transformation of the meat imports and exports industry is critical to the sustainable economic growth and food security of South Africa.

Further Global Access

One of AMIE’s main strategic goals is to further global access implying access to emerging producers ready to scale as well. As part of the National Development Plan 2030, the growth and development of value chains beyond commodities are very clear and AMIE seeks to work towards the realization of a sustainable sector.

AMIE wishes to assist black importers and exporters in entering the market and assist with entry into the distribution chain of all proteins. The movement of meat across borders is a complex business, which results in few companies succeeding in this field.

The levy will play an important part in AMIE achieving these objectives and 20% of the total levy income will be earmarked for transformation. Step one in achieving this goal is to create a sustainable black-owned meat import and export sector.

AMIE already sees several historically disadvantaged companies taking advantage of the AGOA USA poultry trade agreement. But, entering this market requires support and guidance and many of the new importers face serious risks as they establish a foothold for themselves in the market.

Support and Guidance for New Importers

Not only are the barriers to entry insurmountable to many entrepreneurs but many candidates lack business understanding and practical know-how of their product.

One of the key activities AMIE would like to drive with the funding it receives as part of the levy will be to establish an AMIE Academy. While training and development is not AMIE’s main business focus, the Association is earnest about developing a representative industry.

The Association has scoped out an annual development program with partners in the training and development sector. The Academy will support and empower new entrants into the sector by offering not only an annual development program but also opportunities for internships, bursaries, and co-sponsorships in a practical work environment.

Industry Specific Curriculum

AMIE also foresees that a dedicated curriculum that is industry-specific will be needed to ensure that these emerging entrepreneurs have a solid business foundation and understanding of the industry.

The AMIE Academy launches end of June 2023 and will roll out as follows:

Phase 1: Identifying entrepreneurs (July 2023 – November 2023)

Phase 2: Business Boot-camp (Jan 2024 onwards)

Phase 3: Introduction to the Import / Export Sector

Phase 4: Hands-on Experience

Advanced Phase: Degree, Corporate Sponsorships Investment. The development program aims to develop candidates into meaningful role players in the industry.

In this way, it can be ensured that candidates will receive adequate training and coaching in both the theory and practice of agricultural matters as well as a variety of economic, financial, and accounting skills, setting them up for success and building a successful model for future cohorts in the program.

Phase 1:

Nomination for entries of suitable candidates will open end July 2023. AMIE members and associate members will have an opportunity to nominate the first round of candidates to ensure after there will be an open nomination window.

For any information please contact:

Surisa Nel, Stakeholder Engagement Transformation Lead, AMIE

083 459 1907


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