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AMIE Academy to Train Entrepreneurs to Boost the Local Export Poultry Industry

The topic of interest this past week has been the launch of the AMIE Academy, which is anticipated to bring about transformation to South Africa’s import-export meat and poultry industry. Many media outlets have published the Association of Meat Importers and Exporters’ celebratory news, along with the anti-dumping debates going on.

iAfrica notes the AMIE Academy’s launch as a “game-changer for South Africa’s meat and poultry industry” because it highlights a significant advancement for South Africa’s meat import and export industry.

The Academy’s establishment has been made possible by the statutory levy, which empowers AMIE to devise strategic solutions and foster innovative thinking in the industry. Having considered that, the Poultry Site as well as The Pig Site acknowledges that even though training and development may not be AMIE’s main business focus, the Association is earnest about developing a representative industry.

Moreover, highlights that the Academy will support and empower new entrants into the sector by offering not only an annual development program, but also, opportunities for internships, bursaries, and co-sponsorships in a practical work environment.

Furthermore, African Farming highlights that the Academy’s first phase of the project is “the identifying of entrepreneurs”. With a focus on skills development and knowledge enhancement, the academy’s educational initiatives are highly welcomed by industry stakeholders and are expected to drive growth and innovation in the sector

While the Academy’s initiatives have been widely welcomed by industry stakeholders, there are ongoing debates surrounding anti-dumping duties on South Africa’s poultry industry. MoneyWeb states that the local poultry industry is feeling abandoned by the government because of the anti-dumping duties on South Africa’s poultry industry.

Revising Most Favoured Nation (MFN)

The article also brings forth that Tutwa Consulting, representing AMIE, suggests that instead of reinstating the duties, the government should consider revising the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) duty rate downwards.

Government should also potentially suspend or eliminate anti-dumping duties in the long term. This approach could foster a more balanced and consumer-friendly trade environment.

Despite the calls to maintain anti-dumping duties, Engineering News published an opinion piece by Paul Matthew of the Association of Meat Importers and Exporters, who argues that import tax on chicken threatens the health of most South Africans. In addition, he explains that countries like Brazil, “play a pivotal role in ensuring food security in South Africa”.

Permanent Anti-Dumping Duties

Also of interest, Daily Maverick acknowledges that SAPA wants anti-dumping duties to be imposed permanently on Brazil, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, and Spain. The publication highlights that with less than two weeks to go before Trade, Industry, and Competition Minister Ebrahim Patel is expected to revise the suspension of the import duties on bone-in chicken, SAPA is lobbying for the duty to be renewed.

In conclusion, the launch of the AMIE Academy and the ongoing anti-dumping debates represent crucial developments in South Africa’s meat and poultry industry. The industry’s future hinges on the decisions made by the government regarding import duties. As the industry continues to evolve, collaboration between stakeholders, policymakers, and industry players will be essential in creating a sustainable and thriving meat and poultry sector in South Africa.

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