A Closer Look

How the AMIE Academy Process Works

The AMIE Academy is excited to announce that applications are open.

Who should apply?

Black candidates identified by our members and associate members who would be suitable for a development program as meat and poultry importers and exporters.

What should our members do?

Share this link with a suitable employee that would be ideal to take through skills development or an entrepreneur in your value chain that is ideal for supplier development. Submit nomination details here.

Members responsibility?

Show your support and endorsement of the program through nominations, collaboration, and support of the Academy’s activities. All nominators must also provide a short letter of recommendation in support of the candidate they nominate.

How do candidates apply?

Once identified by members, you can share this link with the candidate, or submit your nomination here.

What then?

Hopeful candidates who submitted their applications successfully will receive an email and SMS confirming their submission and they will be contacted within approximately 10 days to let them know if they have qualified for round 2.

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